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DSM410, TMP100 and Raymarine

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I recently read a Panbo post regarding stuffing box temperature taken using a TM100. I love the idea! So I thought I'd get a TM100, a USB100 to program it and I'd be good to view that temperature data on my eS127 and Axiom 7 via a SeaTalkNG to DeviceNet spur cable. It seems I was wrong. For what seems to be a few lines of missing code (maybe not?) I've learned that Raymarine doesn't support the PGN's required and then also doesn't support labels to have meaningful names. It would appear the only real answer to this is to install a DSM410 at both helms. At least I wont need a USB100 any more, but cost is going to increase substantially and helm real estate reduced.
My question is - am I missing another solution out there? Is Maretron the only one doing this? I want to measure 6 (really 7) temperatures - stuffing box x2, engine coolant x2, engine room temp, and generator coolant (currently no gauges and almost 50 years old).

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