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Setalk 1 + Setalk ng and Wi-Fi bridge

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I have an older installation of three separate Raymarine instruments: Wind (ST60 Seatalk 1), Speed (ST60 Seatalk 1) and Depth (i50, Seatalk NG). These instruments are electronically daisy chained (the Seatalk NG using a conversion cable to make it compatible with the older ST60s). The Seatalk output is then fed to an older Raymarine Seatalk converter which I believe has failed. I am considering buying a Wi-FI bridge that has a Seatlak 1 converter, two NEMA 0183 inputs and one NEMA 2000 input. Seatalk 1, NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 input data is multiplexed. Seatalk and NMEA 2000 data is automatically converted to NMEA 0183 sentences

My questions is: Only one input would be provided to the Wi-Fi bridge (from the termination of the daisy chain) and I am wondering whether Seatalk 1 and Seatalk NG would be available within that. If not could I use a SPUR and feed the Seatlak 1 input and NEMA 2000 input (for Seatalk ng)?

Your help is much appreciated!