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Joining a Simnet device to a Seatalk backbone

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I have a Simrad NSS8 MFD with 3G radar. A Raymarine Evolution autopilot, and a SeatalkNG backbone.

I'm having an issue getting the Simrad radar via the Ri10 box to pick up and use the heading from the Raymarine EV1 heading sensor/compass.

I have a Simnet to devicenet female connector running from the Ri10 box. And rather than cut the end off and attached it to a SeatalkNG spur end, I have connected it to a male devicenet to SeatalkNG cable, then plugged it into the network.

In theory it could work as the pin out from the male and female ends are compatible, but the Radar doesn't seem to be able to find the EV1 on the network. The MFD can no problem, but not the radar.

That to me suggests either a problem trying to link to the network like this, or an issue with my box. I'm guessing the former.

Without cutting up expensive cables, is there an alternate way to join the Simnet Ri10 to a SeatalkNg backbone?

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  • Contact Farrallon electronics, they have a selection of adapters between various N2K physical connection types

  • Mike, I think you did the right thing with your Simnet to STng adapter cables, assuming they don't exceed the total drop limit of 10m. I've also seen an EV1 sensor supply valid Heading info to many brands, but you should be able to check that yourself using the NSS Settings/Network/Device List/Data screen.

    I'm suspicious of the Ri10, which can be flaky in my experience. Maybe try reducing network size to see if it works better, and make sure you have latest Ri10 firmware. NSS NSA can help with that.

  • Ben, max drop cable length is 6m, not 10m.

    The heading should be input to NSS for radar overlay and to RI10 for MARPA.

    Check that EV1 is listed in the NSS device list (Network menu). Select EV1 as heading source for group Simrad.

  • In my frustration I cut the ends off a simnet cable and seatalkng cable and made a patch cable to hook the Ri10 up to the network. Still the Ri10 box can't seem to see the EV1

    The EV1 can be happily found on the network in the MFD (under network menu). It is selected as the heading source and is the simrad group.

    Radar overlay has always worked fine, it's just MARPA that is the problem.

    The Ri10 is running firmware v1.4.1 which is the latest (2015).

    My total network length is 4m. There are no spur cables longer than 50cm in use.

  • Have you verified that EV1 is selected as heading source for Group Simrad?

    The radar is using the group Simrad heading source.

  • Yep of course. That is why I'm baffled.

    I think I need some way of testing the Ri10 Simnet port to see if it is receiving data.

    Others have this setup working, so it can't be incompatibility.