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Buying Older CMAP Chart for Puget Sound

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I am wondering if someone is able to tell me the exact type of CMAP chart or cartridge which I have (see attached picture) and if anyone knows where I can try to find other older versions like this chart to purchase. The number of the chart (shown in the top right of the white sticker on the card) is M-NA-B806.03, and it is for P&T: Anacortes to Point Roberts. I have been looking to find a chart for Puget Sound (South of Anacortes). I tried to purchase a card off of Ebay awhile back but it turned to be the wrong size, and I have been having trouble establishing exactly what I need to look for. Thanks!

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  • Sorry, CrabLeg, it's not possible to post photos here (though you can link to a photo).

    But having read your other post...

    ... I'm not sure why you'd get more charts for the old Furuno radar/plotter. Modern plotters are much better and the embedded or included charts much less expensive.

    If there's room at your helm, I'd advise you to keep the Furuno as a radar (maybe with some help in how to tune it up), but shop for a 7-inch plotter/fishfinder or full MFD. Your budget of $1500 can get a lot nowadays, though you might have to wait to get a good transducer for the new display.

  • Thanks Ben,

    Yep, that it was I have been leaning towards after reading the responses. I think the radar is another jump in price, and if I can dial the current one in, It is still worth it for me to keep the unit but just upgrade the plotter/sounder. I was hoping that maybe I could actually just find the CMAP card for the chart I need, and put up with the crummy old BW plotter display and sounder for the time being and wait on upgrades. But I might as well just put money towards the new unit and get the new charts as well