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B&G Zeus 2 & Navionics iPad Route Support

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Apologies if this question is well understood by the experts here.

I have a B&G Zeus 2 plotter with the latest firmware and current Navionics USA Maps. Additionally I have the Navionics iPad software. While I accept that auto routing on the B&G is US disabled, I was under the impression that I would be able to transfer routs from my iPad to my B&G plotter.

Learning today that Zeus 2 has the iPad Navonics data exchange feature expressly disabled but supported on the new Zeus 3, I am looking for information on why this interaction is expressly disabled and does it likely have a near term resolution?

If I need to wait for corporate Lawyers to solve this I will sell the Zeus 2.
Thanks for any information

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  • Sounds odd to me. Who told you that Navionics plotter sync is disabled for Zeus 2?

    I just been using it with Simrad NSS evo 2, very similar MFD, and its working fine even with Navionics card that is not currently subscribed to Plus program. Makes me happy.

  • I contacted Navionics support and here is what I received

    I apologize for the confusion but our Plotter Sync function on B&G devices is currently not available on the Zeus 2 units and only available on the Zeus3 and Vulcan units. To view our compatibility guide, please see:

    sure enough the chart shows plotter sync is not supported on zeus 2

  • Thanks, Pyaron, good reference, but the situation is still odd. Note that Simrad NSS evo2 is also shown NOT to support Plotter Sync...but it does.

    To be clear, I have Navionics USA HD app Version 10.8.1 running on an iPad (with current Navionics subscription). The NSS is running app 57.1.207 and has a 2012 Navionics card with no subscription.

    If I sign into GoFree WiFi and open Navionics, after a minute or so I see dialog boxes saying the NSS7 is synching, then identifying the cards as possible, encouraging me to update the card, and stating how many routes and marks have been transferred. Then if I go to NSS, open the Files menu to the Navionics card Archives, there are the routes I've created on the app, ready to import into the NSS.

    The app also gets GPS and Depth from the NSS.

  • Thanks Ben

    Spent several days sailing south for winter storage - lots of tie to try different options. no luck. Will speak with Navico support.


  • Well, I asked Shaun Ruge at Navionics about our different experiences and he replied:

    "As for the units, you are right and we are amending the guide. Navico units with wifi or even with the external wireless unit for go free can do plotter sync. There is one exception, the HDS gen 1 cannot do it."

    He also confirmed what I see regarding subscriptions, though it's not clear in the marketing:

    "Plotter Sync requires active subscriptions on both mobile and plotter only to update charts, Routes and Markers sync as long as the mobile subscription is active."

    So theoretically your Zeus2 should work for Plotter Sync as long as you have an active Navionics subscription on the mobile and some sort of Navionics card in the Zeus.

    (By the way I am almost finished a full entry on this subject, so trying to get the details right.)

  • My Navonics subscription is active on both the Plotter and the iPad. I also downloaded the chart area to the iPad.

    As a software engineer I find this very confusing. Anything I can provide you in terms of data or step by step images I am happy to do.

    Enabling a strong sync between iPad and Plotter would be a significant navigation aid.

    thanks and I look forward to your full entry


  • Zeus 2 displays all route lines how to clear them please

  • I know this is an old thread, but I have a Zeus2 and the Navionics app on my iPad and I synced routes just find all last summer. I believe my Zeus2 was running the 4.0 software last summer.

    btw, auto routing on the B&G is now supported in the US with the latest firmware update (according to B&G).