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Ben E

Panbo comment problems 9/2017

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Sorry, dear commenters, I have bad news. My webmaster changed Panbo to a more secure site last week -- apparently Google will soon insist -- and the change broke commenting for registered users or even anonymous commenters who have browsed Panbo before.

The symptoms are either an error message or simply having your comment freeze when you hit "Submit".

The fix is to clear your browser cache, and here's what I've learned so far:

* Windows PC: The key combination "Control-Shift-R" clears the cache of at least Chrome and Firefox.

* iPhone & iPad: In Chrome, go to Options Menu/Settings/Privacy/Clear Browsing Data and select "Cookies, Site Data." For Safari, go to device Settings/Safari/Clear History and Website Data.

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  • Good news: my somewhat tongue-lashed webmaster worked late on a Saturday night to fix the commenting situation. So things may work fine for registered and anonymous posters, but I can't easily test the fix myself as I did a lot of cache clearing yesterday. Please let me know how things go with an email to ben/at/