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multiple electrical problems

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Two days ago I had a new Xantrex SW 3012 professionally installed on my boat as the old inverter/charger burned up a coffee maker and two night lights. Everything about the new unit seems to function correctly. Don't know if it is related or not, but with in a day, my high out put alternator is outputting only 12.2 volts. The serpentine belt is tightened correctly. Now, a day later, while the circuit breaker panel meters show 12.7 V on both the house and engine batteries, when I attempted to start the engine, it sounded as though the starter battery bank was dead. I combined the house bank and the starter bank and it still sounded as though the batteries were extremely weak. Then, nothing at all and the helm volt meter went to zero, no voltage at all. The circuit breaker panel meter still read 12.7 V for both banks and there was plenty of current to run lights, ship's horn, and electronics, but no power to the starter nor to the volt meter at the helm. Does anyone have a clue?
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  • When I see voltage in an appropriate range at rest, but find that there is insufficient current for starters, I suspect poor connections. Often at the battery, but also at any place that may be corroded or loose.

    I would only guess at the alternator.. but I won't.

  • Thanks for the response!