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Leigh Armistead

B&G Zeus 2 to Autopilot Question

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I posed this question to B&G support but have not received an answer. I have a 2005ish B&G Network system on an new-to-me Island Packet. It has a functioning autopilot system with the ACP-1 controller, Pilot fluxgate compass, Pilot rudder sensor, and the Network Pilot head display. What are my options, if any, to "drive" this system from a newly installed Zeus 2 (and not have to make an expensive replacement of the ACP-1)? I have an N2K backbone started with the first leg run to a Vesper AIS located near the ACP-1 controller. The Network Pilot head unit has 0183 inputs for a chart plotter but the original Raymarine plotter wasn't connected to it. Apparently the autopilot system was just controlled from the Pilot display.

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