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Leigh Armistead

B&G Zeus 2 to Autopilot Question

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I posed this question to B&G support but have not received an answer. I have a 2005ish B&G Network system on an new-to-me Island Packet. It has a functioning autopilot system with the ACP-1 controller, Pilot fluxgate compass, Pilot rudder sensor, and the Network Pilot head display. What are my options, if any, to "drive" this system from a newly installed Zeus 2 (and not have to make an expensive replacement of the ACP-1)? I have an N2K backbone started with the first leg run to a Vesper AIS located near the ACP-1 controller. The Network Pilot head unit has 0183 inputs for a chart plotter but the original Raymarine plotter wasn't connected to it. Apparently the autopilot system was just controlled from the Pilot display.

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  • So, I didn't get an answer in this forum but I talked with a B&G rep at the boat show this past weekend. The answer is that the Zeus 2 can be connected by 0183 to the inputs on the Network Pilot head unit but not directly to the ACP-1 computer. The head unit must be used to get into Nav mode and for course corrections. The chart plotter will only provide heading information. If we want to control the autopilot from the chart plotter or a Triton display, we will need to replace the ACP-1 computer. I didn't ask about having to replace the fluxgate compass but think that's likely.