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James Landi

WiFi on the boat

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Dear All,

I'm at an "inflection" point regarding wifi/ phone data plans and all manner of challenges regarding connectivity, especially because Kristina and I are fortunate to spend five weeks each summer in and around NorthEast Harbor. For those who have spent time there, it's entirely frustrating to attempt to connect with the NE's quirky wifi. Not wishing to bore you with the history of the initial installation, the problems for anyone in the moor\ing field during "high season" make the present system unusable. Ben has recommended a booster system (it's expensive, but I'm ready to spend the $$). However, I am using Boat Command on my son's old wood sail boat, and it's highly reliable (works through cell service)... and I "get" Ben's commentary about his WifFi booster, but what's to become of us who wish to spend time around Arcadia, who have expensive Verizon contracts, and can't get any "data connectivity" through the new cell tower in Soamsville?

By the way, the Harbor Master in NE is researching improvements to his wifi system, and he's open to suggestions-- I wonder if anyone reading my remarks might point me (us) in the direction of a Marina that maintains a strong local wifi system in a marine with a mooring field. I'll pass along your experiences to the folks in NE.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and comments James Landi Camden Maine

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  • James, now that I know that the NE Harbor Master is aware of the issues, I may know the guy who can fix them. He is Nik DeMaria of Blue Maple Systems and he's responsible for the excellent WiFi you can experience at Wayfarer, Front Street, Brooklin Boat Yard and several other marinas.

    Nik is so busy that he's let his web site go, but that led me to call him and he's available to help NE, contact details here:

    What he's mostly been doing is setting up new Ubiquity UNIFI systems, which can be managed remotely, but says the cost is not bad when the most of the cabling has already been run.

    Nik has been working in this field a long time and is A1 in my book:

  • PS for NorthEast Harbor Master: "My wife and I are big fans of your marina and mooring operation, but improved WiFi would make it much easier for us to stay there."