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Simrad NAIS 500 v 400

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could you point me to a recap of the differences between the new Simrad NAIS 500 and the existing 400
saw Simrad press release..nothing technical
500 manual looks exactly like the 400
I have 400 now...but recently having random GPS signal drop ..using 400 for Nobeltec AIS data

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  • Sorry, David, the difference is not obvious to me either. I do see that the GPS antenna on the NAIS 500 is optional, which may be one difference (can't find NAIS 400 manual). That makes some sense as I believe that the NAIS models use core SRT technology and the newish EM-Trak B300 touts an internal antenna the B100 doesn't have:

    Have you checked the GPS antenna connection on your 400? Also anyone using NAIS 4000 NMEA 2000 output should get this update:

  • Thanks Ben
    I ordered replacement GPS antenna that is matched part number to the 400

    thanks for the link to the 400 upgrade..I looked for it on the Simrad page could not find....seems that the 400 is slipping into yesterday.

    the install link you sent is the proAIS2 install instructions.... not your is wrong link on all the Simrad pages

    so.... for those who intend to upgrade their is "correct" link to the 400 upgrade install instructions.

    new GPS antenna here next week...will let everyone known if that was the issue...

    The GPS signal drop in Nobeltec is way may take a while to ferret out the cause.