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Geoff Schultz

Engine monitoring via NMEA 2000 (N2K) and an ActiSense EMU-1

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My boat, BlueJacket, was struck by lightning while on the hard in Guatemala. I'm in the process of replacing just about everything electrical on it, which includes installing B&G autopilot system, which is NMEA 2000 based. While I'm at it, I want to monitor the engine oil pressure, temp, etc on the MFD, so I'm looking at using an ActiSense EMU-1 to do this. Note that the engine is a Yanmar 3JH series, which is about 20 years old.

I still want to have my analog gauges at the helm, but according manual (, if you're going to use the gauges, you should attach the wires from the EMU-1 to the gauges instead of at the engine sensors. It's highly problematic to do that. If you're just monitoring via the EMU-1, you can connect directly at the sensors.

I'm trying to figure out what the difference is as it would be much easier for me to monitor directly at the sensors. Any help understanding this would be greatly appreciated.

-- Geoff

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