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B&G Zeus 3/ Airmar B744V connection???

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I have just mounted 2 B&G Zeus 3 12" plotters. Everything works perfect and I can share one map over the network.

My problem is that Navico have made a new Echo sounder 9-pin plug on the Zeus 3. I have manually spliced the AIRMAR B744V cable to a standard 7-pin connector and then connected this to a Navico 7 to 9-pin conversion plug. This conversion plug fits to the Zeus 3 however the plug has ONLY 5 pins in the plug. Therefore I only have depth & temp information and the speed information is lost.

If I can find a 9-pin (with all not just 5 pins in the plug) cable that fits directly in to the zeus 3 I could splice it directly from the Airmar B744V sounder.

Which cable fits directly into the 9 pin plug in the Zeus 3???


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