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NMEA2K to SeaTalk NG

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I'm in the process of connecting my Mercury engine to my RayMarine A65 GPS unit. The Merc Engine gateway only has a connector from the SmartCraft to a NMEA2K network and the RayMarine is SeaTalk NG. I think I've run into 2 problems but the fist is related to the power requirements on both networks.

I do not have any plans to connect any other devices to either network. The Merc Gateway is the only NMEA2K device, and the GPS is the only STNG device.

I have the power adapter for the SeaTalk NG network hooked up to the 5 port junction box that comes in the STNG starter kit in the following order Terminator, STNG-NMEA2K adapter, Power, GPS, Terminator.

The question I have is; do I also need to connect a power adapter to a NMEA 2K network in order to power the Merc Eng Gateway or will the 12v power pass from the STNG to the NMEA2K network?


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  • In a word: NO. Power is passed through the STNG-to-N2K adaptor cable (though I suspect that the Mercury Gateway is powered on the SmartCraft side and won't need what it sees on the N2K side).

    It sounds to me like you've setup your tiny N2K/STng backbone just fine and I think it should work. Please let us know.

  • Thank you. I have not been able to get this working. I think I have the wrong smartcraft cable going to my junction box (cable has no terminators in it). I also think my NMEA2K network was wired wrong (no terminators there either). I'm starting to get back into it and I'm learning all the things I did wrong last year. I ordered the NMEA starter kit (was $5 more than a T and 2 terminators.). I think I have a plan for now.

    I will note that the Merc gateway has 2 power lights and neither of them lit up. Could be the wrong SmartCraft Cable and the improper NMEA.

    I should be able to install the new parts in 2 weeks. I'll report back with an update.

  • I wanted to report back and let everyone know that I have a working system now. I was able to use just the NMEA2K to STNG cable and avoid setting up the NMEA2K network altogether. I'm now getting engine data including fuel flow data on my GPS.

    Thanks for the help.