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Rick Wells

Victron and FireFly Oasis

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I have a pair of 8D parallel wired (450Ah) battery bank mated to a 2500 watt 12v 130A Inverter / Charger.

Amp hours are inadequate (supplies only about 1/2 of what is needed).

I am taking delivery of eight (8) 116 Ah 12v AGM Group 31 FIREFY OASIS batteries that will replace the current inverter bank (above). These new batteries have a max charge rate of 250A (that's not a typo) they charge rapidly. Additionally, (3) new 315W 33.2Vmp, 9.5A 60 Cellsolar panels with MPPT 150/7012/24/48V-70A controller from Victorn will be installed.

Using series wiring the new battery bank will be 48v with 232Ah mated to a new Victron EasySolar 2500 watt 48v Inverter / Charger.

Would you recommend that the larger wiring for the 12v system be replaced?

QUESTION2: Given this set up should any steps be taken to mitigate or avoid uneven charging or discharging given the uniqueness of FF Oasis charging characteristics?

Did I leave out any bits of information needed to answer Question #1 or #2?

Comments from anyone with experience of either a) the Fire Fly batteries or b) moving from 12v to 48v is appreciated.

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