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Salty Sea Dog

SIMRAD RI10 Issues

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Hi All

Help... please.

SIMRAD radar interface (RI10) - I think it might be faulty.

Everything used to work fine - but now my NSS8 chart plotter will not switch radar on. The NSS8 can see the RI10 - it shows in the device list. It's status on the chart plotter says 'OK'.

I have checked power is going to the RI10 - with multi meter - yellow and red leads in the main cable both have the same volts as house batteries volts. But the power light in the top right corner above the power lead does not show any lights.

The simnet light above the simnet cable is flashing away nicely.

I have checked with a multimeter the volts being sent from the green block to the radar dome. The red is showing same volts as the house batteries. However, the yellow control power is showing about 1.2 volts less than house batteries.

Any thoughts anyone ?


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  • Salty, I think you've done some good trouble shooting so far, but have you thoroughly rebooted the system? Also isn't there a screen on the MFD showing SimNet status, maybe devices seen? And are there SimNet devices you could remove from the network to see if the radar shows up?

    Another thought: the radar should work (without some features) with the RI10 removed, though it may be a pain to get direct power and SimNet connections. Of course I'm curious if you've tried Simrad tech support yet.

  • Hi Salty,
    I have the exact same problem and dianostics the same as yours
    I have added my VHF on NMEA0183 which I think may be conflicting with the ethernet protocol as GPS can only receive info from one other talker
    I am not able to check this out as not close to my boat but will check it out next weekend
    the other advice I got were to connect the yellow wires of GPS to RI10 Yellow to wake the RI10
    I did this and works well but did not fix my GPS not seeing the Radar
    Green LED above power still not comming on
    So my last resourt is to disconnect the VHF and try again