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Dan Corcoran (b393capt)

Networking B&G Zeus3

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Would anyone know if you network multiple Zeus3, if they share one map card? If you mark the start line on one, will both chartplotters show the navigation to the start line with the time to burn (like) features?

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  • Yes. You can share map cards between all non-entry Navico MFDs, e.g. Zeus/NSS/HDS. They don't need to be same brand or version. So a Zeus 3 will share with a Simrad NSO, for instance. Sharing is done over Ethernet via NFS.

    Start line sharing, I'd say yes, but I have not tested that. I know that there are B&G specific NMEA2000 PGNs to accomplish this. Certainly it shares out to instruments. I don't know whether a 2nd plotter 'receives' the info.