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nonfunctioning stereo speakers

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I have 4 speakers wired to my Jensen am/fm radio -- 2 in cabin 2 in cockpit. All but one of the cabin speakers have stopped working -- no sound. have checked connections and replaced crimp on connectors on cockpit units but am wondering if I need to rewire all. current wiring is 16 years old. can I use a multi meter to test existing wiring?

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  • Sure a multimeter would work. Disconnect the harness and measure the #ohms between the two wires that go to each speaker. Measure the # ohms to the working speaker, then check to see if the other speakers are similar. You are looking for either a short (fewer ohms) or for an open (high resistance)

    If the resistances are similar, the next step, if its practical is to rearrange the speaker connections to test if the good speaker would work on the other 3 speaker channels and test if the dead speakers would work on the known good channel.

    Before going to the expense and trouble of troubleshooting or replacing the radio, consider if it would make sense to have an Amazon Echo (requires WiFi) or bluetooth speaker instead. The Echo has great room filling sound from a single speaker.