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Dan Corcoran (b393capt)

B&G mix and match

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Can there be a mix of Zeus 2, Zeus 3, and Vulcan on the same ethernet on a boat?

There is a Zeus 2 at the nav station on Strider, I am considering adding a Zues 3 at the helm, and a Vulcan or Zues 3 over the companion way.

Should I or do I need to run NMEA-2000 between all the chartplotters?

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  • Shouldn't be a problem, Dan, all the same operating system. But remember, only Vulcan 9 has Ethernet.

  • Oh, great catch. I was looking at the Vulcan 7 for the companionway. What do I sacrafice without the ethernet? Radar? Sharing of Navonics maps? anything else?

    Do B&G Chartplotters share maps, e.g. if I install Navonics on a Zeus2, will it appear in the Vulcan 9 or Zeus 3

  • Hi Dan, the Vulcan 9 has ethernet but is restricted to Radar, its software locked so you can not share chartdata and sonar data over the network. Only Zeus can do this

  • And finally, yes, you should run NMEA 2000 to all plotters as your sensor data is not rebroadcast onto Ethernet (there is a JSON service, but the plotters only transmit this but do not 'consume' it again.)

  • Thank you Ben, Martyn, and Kees.