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Which CP for Robertson AP 11 a/p

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New to this type of sailing, brought a 33' sailboat last year that has an old Robertson ap11 auto-pilot installed (simrad ) and would like to know if it is possible to make it work with a B&G chart plotter (Vulcan 7 ) I do believe it will work with the Simrad plotters, but I like the sail-steer program that B&G have. At the moment all I have is a handheld Garmin Gps and a 10' Tablet with navionics' charts that is hard to see in bright sunshine. Any help appreciated

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  • The AP11, I am assuming with a boat your size has a J300x junction box, is of a generation that you won't allow autopilot functions such as engaging or disengaging the pilot to be initiated by any plotter. Any chartplotter will be able to send it waypoints when connected via NMEA 0183, wind data from your instruments could also be fed into it via 0183 to allow the pilot to steer to apparent wind.

    Any functionality that you can get in terms of equipment compatability with the B&G equipment is identical the Simrad equipment the Vulcan and the GO series are identical besides some branding and minor software differences.

  • Hi Andy,
    Thanks for the reply, so as I see it I can still set a way point on the plotter and get the AP to go to that way point and also get it to steer to apparent wind but won't be able to engage or disengage the AP ( only on the AP itself )

    Sounds like the feature I like with laylines etc. on the B&G will not work with my old instruments.

    This is the response I got from Navico.

    Hi Bjorn

    APAC Technical Support

    Original Issue / Question Description

    Zeus2 9"
    I would like to know if the Zeus2 chart plotter can work with a Robertson AP 11 a/p ( Simrad ) and a Simrad 40 Wind vane without limitations, meaning I would be able to control the a/p from the Zeus2 plotter ?

    The Zeus2 will not work with the AP11 autopilot too old. Needs to be upgrade to the NAC computer system.

    The 40 wind transducer will also need to be upgraded to the 508 wind transducer.


    Paul Wilkinson
    APAC Technical Support