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Torqeedo MC 38

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Got a new guy at Torqeedo for us to work with on the electric drive system on the new MC 38. Mike Shafar with email I am sending him our data and will share once received. Thanks Dick

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  • Hi Dick, Good to see you in Miami and MC 38 #2 is a beauty. I don't know Mike but am glad you have a new boat customer with Torqeedo taste. Just using electric outboards would be interesting, but what intrigues me is a whole Torqeedo power system.

    That would add a DC generator, a high density battery pack, and total boat power management, and the result would be nearly unlimited propulsion and onboard appliance use without a lot of noise or added weight.

    Unfortunately this is the cutting edge, both expensive and may not even be possible from Torqeedo today. Another possible info source might be Todd Sims. I'm not sure he still runs his own company but he definitely works at least part time for Torqeedo and knows the hybrid systems well:

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