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Drawing schematics

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What programs would anyone suggest to use for schematic drawings to provide to customers?

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  • I don't think I have the answer, so I am at the edge of my seat waiting to hear a good reply.

    You reference N2KBuilder in the subject line, I really like that tool for designing N2K networks, they look great, and publish well link:

    I have designed electrical diagrams in Visio, but the license cost is astronomical for the tool and I passed when I purchased my most recent computer.

    I would next try google drawing app in the google drive suite of document editors. Click New / More / Google Drawing.

    I would do this because
    * Google drive is really useful for sharing information with multiple people. You could create a sub-directory for a specific boat, create word type docs, spreadsheets, and drawings in one place and then delivering the documents is as simple as sharing the folder with customers.
    * Customers need not purchase any software to take read and then modify the documents & drawings themselves.
    * For customers not familiar with google, you can easily pdf the documents and email them like many people are familiar with.
    * It's very easy for you, the document creator, to work on documents from home, work, a laptop computer, or all three as the documents are stored in the cloud
    * You can access the documents from a smartphone
    * Years from now when you get another computer, you don't need to reinstall software or copy files. The documents just continue to be there.

  • I am hoping someone posts something on this topic here.

  • Hi Dan,
    I'm a fan of Google Drawings and supports your idea to use it for "free Drawing schematics".

    I think also it is a better tool than most others.
    I have developed a method that works for me.
    *Creating components from pictures of the component from manuals/websites.
    *All connectors as pictures or components make it easy to connect with connectors. Easy to move if needed.

    I have two links. First one is pdf (if you do not use Google) and the other one is Google Drive Drawing.


  • Impressive Fredrik

    Functional and really beautiful.

    One of the beauties of doing this on google, is it's so easy to share. A system designer can create and easily share with a boat owner, just the way you did with us, then the owner or designer can update the diagram through various additions to the boat over the years without the boat owner needing to buy any software.

    I enjoyed making a copy and moving around the various elements to get a feel for how you did this. That is a nice touch putting the connectors on the ends of the wire. (Well, actually I see the connectors are on each of the components and then grouped.)

    How long did it take to make this entire diagram?

    How long did it take to just make a component, like the 7 port NMEA-2000 bridge the way you did? (The attention to detail was way over the top)

    Thank you for sharing!