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SF Sailor

Zeus3 MFDs - B&G teases on the web site

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I happened to hit the B&G web site, and saw a big image announcing the Zeus3 plotters.

But if you click the links, you'll be taken to the Zeus2 7" page, so somebody didn't quite finish the job.
I can't seem to find anything else on the web about these new MFDs, so I'm guessing that they debuted... today. Which explains the sudden availability of refurbished Zeus2s at very reasonable prices.

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  • Good catch, SF. I just got the press release about 2 hours ago. I don't see any startling changes but lots of improvements to what was already a fine MFD series. I'm sure there will be more online tomorrow. There will be four Zeus3 sizes and they are due to ship next March.

  • I understand that they have integrated WiFi so no need for a separate Go-Free unit.

  • I know MFDs do a lot of things making them all almost equal, but gosh, the furuno ARPA feature is a big deal if you have a radar and the B&G features for sailboats look compelling if you don't have Radar.