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Garmin NMEA 2000 Updater

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I recently purchased the Garmin NMEA 2000 Updater which T's right into the backbone of the network and allows for updates from an SD Card.

I followed the instructions to the letter with regards to downloading the software update and adding it to the SD Card. The network recognizes the updater as it is blinking red just like it should. When I add the SD Card to the updater nothing happens. It should recognize the card and begin installing the updates and blink orange I believe.

I'm not sure what the issue can be, other than maybe the SD Card is in the wrong format? It came new formatted as exFAT and I'm wondering if I should format it as NTFS before putting the Garmin update on it?

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.


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  • Hi Dan,

    I have an official and freshh Garmin update SD card here and it's FAT32 file format. Did everything go OK when you installed the software update onto the SD card from a PC? (I don't think that you can just copy it there.)

  • Ben, thank you for your reply! I actually figured it out this weekend and was planning on reporting back here. It was not a file format issue, it was an SD Card size issue. Although Garmin does not mention this anywhere in the literature for the Garmin Network Updater, it will ONLY recognize SD Cards that are 2MB or less in size! That's unique in today's environment where you would never buy a new SD Card that small. Anyways, I loaded the software on to an older and smaller SD Card that was 2MB and it loaded everything just as advertised. Too easy!
    I must say, I was very impressed with the software update and the new display for my GMI-20 wind instrument. There is all kinds of information displayed now with the new software release.

    Thanks again!

    s/v Gypsy Soul
    Pasadena, MD

  • Sorry, I meant to say 2GB, not 2MB!! The card I originally tried to use was a 64GB card and it simply would not recognize it.