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Help with Furuno Analog NMEA Data Converter ...

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Dear Panbo crew

I have a Furuno IF-NMEAFI analog to NMEA 2000 data converter, planned to get AIS data from my Standard Horizon GX2100 to the NMEA 2000 network.

The only manual for a Furuno NMEA data converter that I can find online is for the IF-NMEA2K - which might be the same thing? It looks the same, same number of wires ... but the wire colours don't match what's in the IF-NMEA2K manual.

I'm hoping that there's a Panbo reader out there who knows something about this converter ... there are 11 bare wires emerging from the cable, with about 1/3rd of them not matching the IF-NMEA2K manual labelling.

Of course I only need to connect 4 of these 11: NMEA Ground (-), NMEA GPS Input (+),NMEA DSC Output (+), and the 38.4K AIS DATA Output (+)


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  • You will not be able to accomplish what you are trying to do with an if-nmeafi, that is an analog sensor to n2k bridge, i.e. wind xdr, speed xdr., tank level sender.

    You would need an if-nmea2k to accomplish what you want, that is the 0183 t0 n2k converter, though you can only do one baud rate with it, you won't be able to feed 4800 and receive 38.4k with one of them, most radios can accept position in at a 38.4k baud rate but I don't know off the top of my head if you will or not.