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Delete an MMSI #

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I have a Garmin VHF 200 radio. Awhile ago I entered a Boat US MMSI #. Now I have registered with the FCC and received a new MMSI #. I would like to delete the Boat US # from my VHF 200 and enter the new FCC #. Anyone know how to delete the Boat US # from my Garmin ? Nothing in manual.

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  • Sorry, Pablo, but entering MMSI numbers into VHF radios or AIS transceivers is usually a one-time-only operation. I guess it's supposed to be a safeguard against MMSI misuse but it causes a lot of problems. And if you had asked the FCC to transfer your BoatUS MMSI they could not have done it!

    At any rate, there apparently are ways to reset radios and AIS devices to their original state with no MMSI entered, but I don't know how to do it with any of them. You need to call Garmin and I'd be interested to know what you learn.

  • 10/20/2016
    I followed your advice and phoned Garmin customer service. They said they will delete the old # if I mail it to them. Cost $50. Phone for an RMA. 1-800-800-1020. I asked if any dealers were certified to perform the service and they said they did not think so. It must be a quick reset since they said they will turn the unit back to me in a week.

  • Thanks, Pablo. I'd guess that other manufacturers handle this situation in a similar way, though for U.S. customers I think they also have to program in the new MMSI due to FCC rules.

  • 10/21/2016
    Just a final update on this MMSI issue. I phoned Sherbourne Shipyard, a reputable marina nearby to my boat and asked them if they could delete an existing MMSI # on a Garmin VHF 200. She said indeed she has a "device" that can reprogram the VHF 200. Much simpler and probably cheaper w/o deinstall/reinstall cost. than a mail-in.