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help to identify a mystery item

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Hi marionic Gurus.

I bought a whole heap of vintage radios, depth sounders retch from a Brisbane (Australia ) scrap yard. I thought this mystery object was a giant old Transducer but it doesn't seem to match any of the sounders.
I'm new to this site, is there any way of attaching photos?
I'm trying to attach a picture but I don't seem to be able.

Sam the noob


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  • I've attached a picture of the alien technology as my profile picture for now. I hope the Panbo editor can help with better images for all to inspect.

    Cheers again

  • Hey, Sam, you can send the photo to or put it online somewhere else and then put a link here.

    Best, Ben

  • I put 2 of your pictures up, Sam. Sure looks like an inhull sonar transducer.