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Martin Egerup

Setup and Sailsteer

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I am in the process of installing a new N2K system on my Jeanneau SO32.2, and have decided on the B&G Zeus T7 as my MFD, coulpled with a Triton package for speed, wind and depth.
Now I wonder, would Sailsteer with layline display work without heading data on the network? Or would it be necessary with a heading sensor like a rate compass or maybe the ZG100 GPS/Heading sensor that I have read about on the blog here?

Any advice on that?


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  • Sorry for doubleposting!

  • No problem, Martin; I deleted the double.

    I don't know what SailSteer will display without Heading, but I believe you'll get richer information if you have it.

  • I checked on a friends T12. Its actually in a 52 Hatteras, without sails of course, but I enabled the feature, made sure it showed up. Then disabled the Simrad GS-25 (the $199.00 compass/gps antenna. Rebooted network, and the feature would not work. Now we were in the slip, not moving, but it would not display the data. It is possible if we were moving it would, basically by using the GPS changes as a moc heading, but for $199, that is the best money you can spend to have the map orient on the screen as the boat is on the globe!

  • Martin,

    The sailsteer will display your COG and HDG if you have one. It's a concise display that's efficient in presenting a lot of info in one package.

    Your Zeus may have an internal GPS, the Zeus2 do, and that will update at a slower rate than an external gps such as the NK2 ZG100.

    For casual use you are probably fine with just what you have. The next step up is a big one, as you add the H5000 sensors and processor and get True Wind with corrections.

  • Martin; to expand on your questions, if you want to have the laylines be meaningful I'd check on how they are calculated in a Triton-Zeus system.

    Mine are driven by the polars in the Hercules software of the H5000, and reflect the corrected TWD, set and drift, where there's a substantial effort to get calibrations right.

    We use a Precision-9, H5000 3D motion and ZG100 sensors for the H5000 CPU to derive all of that beyond the MWA, MWS from masthead and BSP from paddlewheel.

  • I did not had layline, heading and true wind direction (TWD, not TWA) untill I added a heading source (in my case ZG100) to my Zeus / Triton network.