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Recovering unconscious MOB

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looking for a best way to pull up an unconscious MOB from the water into the boat when their weight is too much for a person to lift.

My sailboat has a swim ladder on the stern but if they are unconscious, they would still need to be lifted out of the water. Unlocking the lifeline at the port or starboard side is the best route back in the boat especially since the stern has the stern rail obstructing passage.

My idea, please tell me yours, is to thru-bolt a plate on the side of the hull where a 12" pipe could be welded vertically. The top of the pipe is open and the bottom is capped. Another L shaped pipe about four feet long on each leg could then fit inside the fixed pipe and could swing from side to side. The free end could have a pulley attached. A 5:1 block and tackle could then hook onto the victim's harness (all crew are required to wear) with the other end hooked to the toerail or other fixed object allowing a 200# man to be lifted with just 40# of pull.