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Patrick W

Panbo classifieds - thanks Ben!

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A reader from Poland contacted me about my Standard Horizon CP300 plotter after I posted it for sale on Panbo and I finally delivered it to a nearby family member today - avoiding PayPal and shipping costs my end, and customs issues his end. It took a while but this was mostly due to my dithering about whether or not it really made sense for me to part with it.
A hearty thanks to Ben for enabling this with his free classified service (for private sales). I'm amazed more people don't use it. It certainly helped my boating budget and I trust the buyer is equally pleased with his purchase.

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  • Thanks, Patrick! It's strange. The Classifieds section looks like it's hardly used, but the few who do try it often have success. I have a lot of items to put up there soon, and am hopeful to pass them along and get a bit of my money back.