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GPS Data to Garmin Instruments

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I'm looking for some advice on the simplest and least expensive method to add GPS data to my Garmin sailboat instruments. I have the following setup:

Garmin instruments on NMEA 2000 network including Wind, Speed, Depth, etc.

iPAD running iNAVx software

SH 1700 Matrix VHF with GPS data

Since both the iPAD and the SH 1700 VHF produce GPS data, I'm hoping to feed one of them into the NMEA 2000 network to add that data to my Garmin instruments.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

s/v Gypsy Soul

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  • I think that your best bet is a Garmin 19x NMEA 2000 GPS...

    ... which seems to have a street price of about $200. It's a very good GPS and will surely work well with your instruments (assuming they can display GPS).

    Meanwhile, the Actisense NGW-1 NMEA 0183 to 2000 gateway...

    ...that you'd need to get the SH GPS to the N2K instruments cost almost as much and I think it's quite likely that the Garmin gear wouldn't accept the results as valid GPS. (There's a lot of data besides position in a full GPS stream and companies like Garmin are quite fussy about it, probably a good thing.)

    However, other dedicated NMEA 2000 GPS receivers will very likely work with Garmin gear and you might consider the Lowrance Point 1 as it also delivers Heading info:

    I don't know of any way to get iPad GPS onto a NMEA 2000 network and it doesn't seem like a reliable, accurate solution anyway.

  • Ben, thanks a ton for your feedback. You helped confirm some of the items I had already been considering, but the fact that the Actisense module would likely not feed the GPS data I want helps me cross it off the list. I'm not concerned about feeding the DSC data from the VHF.

    I will look into a stand-alone GPS receive as you suggest and simply feed that into the NMEA 2000 network.

    Thanks again!

  • i also need some suggestions about Garmin Instruments