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Lowrance SonicHub with Raymarine e97

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I'm struggling with getting my Lowrance SonicHub audio server recognised by my Raymarine MFD e97. Both devices are connected over the Seatalk NG backbone, thus the SonicHub being connected to it with the DeviceNet adapter cable Female. Both devices are operating on the latest software version available.
The good news is that I can detect the SonicHub om my Raymarine MFD through the "Diagnose" option. I see the SonicHub in the list with all devices detected on my Seatalk NG network, including the SonicHub details like software version, can-nr and other.
Unfortunately the SonicHub is not displayed when I activate the Fusion-link window on my Raymarine MFD. The list of audio servers remains empty!
Any suggestions to get this working?... if technically feasible of course.
Thanks a lot.

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  • If it is the original Sonichub, OEM made by Fusion, it won't work 100%. It predates the NMEA 2000 audio PGNs and FusionLink.

    If it is the new Sonichub 2, made by Navico, it probably supports the NMEA 2000 audio PGNs but maybe your Raymarine MFD doesn't.

  • Are you solved this problem ?