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Tallon Systems

Latest Device Mounting and USB Power Options

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Hi All. Some of you will know about Tallon from previous blogs and reviews on this site on our Lowrance Elite and Elite USB Mounts ( We get many Panbo members through our online store so we thought we should update you on what's happening at Tallon with regard to mounting Lowrance, Garmin, iPad, GPS, iPhone and other mobile devices - as well as powering them!

Tallon first shot to prominence in 2007 when our Universal Accessory Mount, the Tallon Socket, won the Innovation Award at IBEX in Miami. Since then we've developed and strengthened our strategic partnership with US-based RAM Mounts and now offer full mount ( and power solutions ( for just about any marine electronics or mobile devices.

The Tallon RAM GII 1" and 1.5" Ball Adaptors ( add hundreds of cradle and device mount options to combine your device with our state-of-art universal socket mounts (

We're confident you'll find our products safe, strong, smart and stylish - and above all, up to the job!

To say thank you to our friends at Panbo we'd like to offer a 20% discount for all online sales when you use this voucher code on checkout: "PANBO".

Thanks again Panbo readers and we hope to be of assistance to you some time on the future.

Team at Tallon Systems

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  • Nice product, if you can make one that has N2K bulkhead +/or depth sounder and Ethernet you'd open up more market