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Charging AGM Batteries

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Hi All

My set up...
- Victron 12v AGM batteries
- Sterling Pro Charger 12v 30a

I have read that AGM batteries should never be charged with a voltage greater than 14.4v. However, my sterling charger is showing 14.9v when in Fast Charge mode. It drops down to 14.3v when in Absorption Mode.

The sterling charge is configured so it 'knows' it is charging AGM.

Does anyone know if this might damage the batteries ?



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  • Tim, I don't understand charging very well, but it looks like the Victron AGM datasheet shows adsorption voltages near that level. Then again they favor a 4 step charging process that the Sterling probably can't do:

    Which model Sterling is yours, by the way?

  • The only information that pertains to your situation will be provided by the Battery manufacturer. also use a multimeter and measure the True voltage at the battery terminals. the Charger is displaying output voltage not the voltage being received by the batteries.

  • More exactly the charger is showing either the voltage you would see at the battery plus the voltage drop over the length of the cable at the current charging current (or) the charger is showing the voltage at the battery after it took a brief pause from charging which would then near exactly equal a multimeter at the battery terminal.

    Either way, unless your troubleshooting connection, charging, or cable issues the charger voltage reading is really close.