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Weird Problem: Heading Display Reversed on Chartplotter

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I have a weird, frustrating problem and I am wondering if anyone here can shed some light on it.

I have a Lowrance HDS 8 (Gen. 1) display unit and I just installed a Lowrance 3G radar. To get the radar to display on the chartplotter I also installed a SIMRAD RC42 heading sensor.

The radar displays fine on the chartplotter. The problem is that when running the boat the black arrow position indicator now points to due south instead of north and all my movements are now plotted in complete reverse. The north arrow in the top right corner of the screen points to 180 degrees opposite of north - everything is displayed in reverse!

I have looked at all the various settings and they all seem fine and I can do nothing to fix this situation. It must be linked to the RC42 heading sensor as everything worked fine before it was installed.

Anybody have any ideas on what the problem could be

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  • You've got the compass installed backwards.

    This can be corrected by putting in a 180 degree rotation in software.

    Press Menu twice to get to the "Settings menu", then click Network > Device list and then choose the RC42. There should be a Calibrate button. You may also need the Configure button.

  • Were you able to fix this problem? I am having this same problem. The compass was displaying correctly one boat for years. When I installed the compass on a different boat it began to show the boat icon heading backwards on the chart plotter. I tried rotating the compass 180 degrees which fixed the chart plotter display until I compensated the compass +180 so the compass heading was correct.

  • Hi sir,
    Good Evening,
    We are using Garmin AIS Model 600.
    We got problem.we can see all others vessels around us.but my vessel i cant see.also its not showing in Marine Trafiic chart.
    My vessel name is western cost1.

    Thanks in advance