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VHF radio interference

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I have installed a KVH satellite antenna which now causes interference on my vhf radio. I have tried moving the vhf antenna up to 6 ft away and still get interference whe the sat dich is hunting in the direction of the vhf antenna. My previous boat had the 2 units about 3 ft away with no problems. Any thought She?

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  • Sorry for the multiple posts. I am new to this site and fat fingers don't help

  • Hi Gino

    No doubt have checked the earth connections of the two devices, am I correct that this is a reinstall of your existing gear into a new boat ?

    Checked the coax connectors etc ?

    I hope this helps.

    Cheers Mal

  • Hi Mal thanks for the input. Yes the KVH sat came from my previous boat and the VHF was existing on the new to me boat. I have checked coaxial connections and drain connections. I am going to try a different vhf antenna but don't know if that will make a difference as I had someone check my present antenna and it seems fine. Thanks for any further thoughts