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Sheldon Haynie

Sail shape camera systems?

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There is Vspars at the high end, I am looking for something more modest.

Anyone out there used Go-pro or Virb to take time lapse images of sails, logging the boat/wind parameters and then run through a shape analyzer such as

Sounds like the VIRB X with GNT 10 to supply N2K data might work.
Not sure that would give me heel & polar pct but I can get those by comparing time stamps with Expedition Log file.

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  • I think that you may be setting yourself up for disappointment, Sheldon.

    The VIRB X/XE are great cameras with lots of data collection features, but I think they get boat data over WiFi from the compatible MFDs listed, not the GNT 10:

  • Ben, the Garmin online info is about as good as the Navico from my searching... They don't necessarily tell you what you want to know. What I do find is that there are manuals that claim ANT support of both, and vendors who claim that it will work, as the GNT-10 sends ANT and the VIRB X receives it, for $300 I guess you find out.

    Having it networked with embedded data is cute, but not necessary as long as the time stamps can be reasonably synchronized, and I can match shape to log file.

    My larger goal would be to have Expedition/H5000 looking at some of the calculated criteria, and take images that are based on data. E.g. Polar BSP% > 90 AND TWS within +/- 10% for 10 sec. or TWS changed by 10% OR TWA changed by 10 degree. That would allow me to srutinize "interesting" images rather than random or sequential.

    My sailmaker suggested just using the Iphone 6 in the short term as it would be free and I could detail someone to shoot the images. We'll try that first.

  • I went out and bought a Virb XE and and GNT-10. Which I spend I long time trying to make talk to each other and saying many many bad words. Reading the above makes sense, wish I'd seen it before parting with $.

    And, while I'm on my Garmin Grumbles - also recently got a Quatix 3, great watch, but it won't receive data from the GNT-10, so no boat data to watch and no auto- MoB function either. I gather that the old quatix has both, but discontinued now.

    Why would Garmin break those great features... Perhaps there's a firmware/software update coming ...?

  • Sorry, TW, but I've been warning readers to be careful about Garmin compatibility issues for a while. I don't know why, but it has become particularly obvious that they changed the way they use ANT. If you look at the GNT 10 compatibility list you won't see any products that were introduced in the last 2 years or so, including the original VIRB cameras:

    The GNT-10 software has not been updated since March, 2013, and I think we'll see the device officially become legacy soon.

    Fortunately, though, you XE and Q3 are on the right side of the change. They work well with each other, and they work well with lots of newer Garmin stuff and MORE TO COME.