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Sheldon Haynie

B&G Zeus MFD update N2k devices

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Anyone out there successfully use the MFD to update their attached N2K devices?

According to the Installation manual page 29:
"NMEA 2000 and Ethernet device upgrades
The update file must be loaded to the root directory of an SD card.
To update NMEA 2000 and ethernet devices select the 'upgrade' option presented when the file is highlighted. A list should appear displaying any compatible devices the update file applies to - in most cases this will be a single device. Select device and initiate upgrade. Do
not interrupt the upgrade process."

I've tried with the zip file upacked at the root level, and the MFD does not seem to recognize any of the files, while it does find its own update.

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  • I was successful using this, main problem was I initially had a SD card that was larger than 32GB. The GFD and H5000 need to be updated on their local USB terminal, but all of the other went over CANBUS.