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Sheldon Haynie

B&g (navico) 4g "no spoke data"

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Finally got masts in, and radar hooked up. No returns showing and "no spoke data" message in transmit. Icon at top left shows rotation, MFD identifies unit etc.

Searching elsewhere there's 2012-2013 hints about checking cables or needing a new radome.
Any new thoughts ?

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  • Problem turned out to be caused by a POE ethernet hub/switch (I call it a hub, vendor calls it a switch) Running a cable direct from RI-10 to the Zeus2 MFD works fine. Will troubleshoot hub in more detail, but for now the problem has been identified. Kudo's to Navico support for sending out a 2nd unit on premise that the first was problem.

  • It's a switch. Hubs went out with 10 MBit/s ethernet.

  • I recommend the Netgear GS series, f.i. a GS105 or GS108. Cheap as ****, very reliable. 12 VDC power input very convenient on a boat. These are Gigabit switches, not that you need it but it uses less power (more advanced than Fast Ethernet). Note that Navico Ethernet wiring is 4 wire so will be limited to 100 MBit/s.

  • Kees, thanks for response.

    Not sure what brand this is, was a major surprise that it blocked broadcast.

    Fortunately the SonarHub works to forward, allowing a network star topology around it, with legs for RI-10, Zeus2 and future Lowrance HDS, (to move scanning sonar between binnacle and tender)

    Zeus2 12 has two ports so 2nd goes to the switch, which then connects wifi-1, H5000, and miscellaneous including off boat wifi via Bullet M2 and any hardwired expansion.

    That should keep heavy traffic on Navico native net.

    Now need to figure out how to configure either bullet m2 as dedicated ashore route, or let it be DHCP host and make Navico accept it.