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Autopilot question

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Hi everyone!

I'm Laura from Hungary. I'm a student of the University of Budapest Technology and Economics and I have been working on my thesis for months. I would appreciate it if you fill out my survey that is about autopilots (I'm short on time ).

Here is the questionnarie:

Mainly I would be curious about Raymarine autopilots but everyone who is experienced in this topic or just wants to buy any autopilot is welcome. It should take max. 10 minutes to complete depending on how much detail you would like to give. I chose this topic only because I find it really interesting plus I needed a thesis topic. This will really help me to graduate on time! Thank you very much for your time and support in advance.

If you have a Raymarine EV system and you have a problem with that please share it because it's actually the essence of my thesis!

Thanks again for any help in advance!

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  • I am frustrated answering your survey. It is rejecting my submission because I am not answering mandatory questions, for example I can't answer about fuel efficiency, ease of cleaning, phone service, and other aspects I have not experienced. There is no "not applicable" or ability to skip question.

    In regards to headings in northern latitudes, follow-able on-line repair status, etc. I don't plan to find out about these things so I can answer your survey.

    Also, in regards to brands. You should itemize B&G and Simrad.