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Sheldon Haynie

Trolling Motor Battery box for tender

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I've found the Minn-Kota and Newport Vessels boxes to allow multiple 12V DC feeds from a Group 27 battery with a convenient carrying handle.

Any other candidates out there for a portable Dinghy power supply? I'm thinking of storing this aft near the outboard on a stern rail stanchion and using a tackle off the mizzen to enable smaller crew members to lower into the tender, as they would the Outboard.

Features Needed:
==> Carrying Handle & hoisting/tiedown loop(s)
==> external access breaker protected DC feeds
-> Trolling motor 50-60 A
-> 12v Accessories (MFD 1-5 A)

Features Desired:
==> external charger access (could be through big breaker)
==> built in AC battery maintainer
==> Built in 12V DC charger (from house bank)
==> RAM mount capability for Iphone/Ipad/MFD
==> built in Monitoring (Voltage and State of charge)
==> USB port (surge protected)
==> weather/waterproof
==> Serial connection with fast jumper snap on.

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  • Hi..i am new here. First of all thanks for sharing this information. I have to ask you few things. First i want to know about the Trolling Motor. What type of motor it is and what specifications it does have? Also where it has the applications?

  • Robb, (?)

    These are 12-36 V dc "trolling motors" used by recreational fishermen to move boats at low speed while fishing. You can google them for specs.

    My application for trolling motor would be to use aboard an inflatable tender, as a lower power & quieter alternative to a 15 hp Honda gasoline outboard when I don't need to plane the tender and didn't want to move the 110 lb load off the sailboat to the tender's transom.

    There are trolling motor control capabilities built into some of the MFD's that essentially amount to programmed steering patterns and navigation autopilots, including station keeping that would be of interest for incidental fishing, and prospectively some automation.

    My application for the battery box is to provide starting power for the Honda, motive power for trolling motor, and support lights, navigation and radio for tender.