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Sheldon Haynie

Track Buddy feature: Navico VHFs

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Curious if anyone has knowledge if the "Buddy Track" feature on Lowrance and B&G VHF with DSC(and presumably on Simrad) is interoperable across Navico?

I am thinking about ability to home on the mother ship, with a handheld in dinghy where you might be down behind the tall grass up in the Sacramento delta and want to be able to "see" where you need to go, without needing an MFD as well as knowing where the gkids are in the dinghy...


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  • Have had a few Emails, and one Phone call with Navico support, that bear sharing. Basically they don't want to guarantee that DSC Polling will work across Lowrance - Simrad- B&G, even though it's a published standard DSC feature.

    I'm a bit boggled at that, I would assume that vendors would support international standards for the basic premise of safety.