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vYacht wifi..... help

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I have the vyacht NMEA wifi. It seems to be a great unit, unfortunately however, they don't seem interested in supporting the product at all. They were more than happy to answer all my questions until I actually bought one, but have ignored all my requests since they have had my cash in their bank.

I have set the unit up with the NMEA 2000 inputs, and tested it out with the mid wifi APP. It works great. However, once your ipad is connected to the vyacht wifi, you can no longer access the cellular wifi on your ipad.

vYacht claim that it will route my internet too. I have it connected to my Computer by Ethernet cable, and my computer tethered to my iphone for 4g internet, however, despite studying their manual closely, I can't make it work.

Does anyone have any experience of this set up that could offer some help?

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  • A little detail might help. Guessing here, that your iPad +/or computer are not set up to bridge networks. You probably have the vYacht serving a web services app, which is fine for a closed network. As your computer is not bridging your cellular across the Ethernet, the vYacht can't route.

  • Hey Sheldon, I think you may well be right. I have no idea how to set up PC to bridge networks via the ethernet connection...... and wouldn't have even thought it possible that my ipad connected to vYacht wifi, could share internet "backwards"as it were..... Im sure you have guessed already how hard it is going to be explaining this to me.

    I can access settings on my vYAcht router browser, only when PC is connected to vYacht wifi..... settings say I can set up ethernet connection as either LAN or WAN. I'm afraid this is the limit of my endeavors thus far!

  • I'm with Sheldon. Your PC may not be making the tethered Internet available over Ethernet. Besides figuring out how to enable that -- sorry, I can't help -- you also need to be sure that the Ethernet cable is plugged into the default WAN port on the vYacht router.

    I doubt that the vYacht has any trouble passing on Internet if its coming in the WAN port, but overall the device seems to a hobby project from a very technical guy. He makes a lot of stuff sound easy when it may not be:

    Also I see no trace of "vyacht" in the NMEA member list or N2K Certification list, so he may not be playing by the same rules most reputable companies are.

  • For what it may be worth, I'm going with the:

    PDQ "One Source", as advertised on Panbo,
    and will be bashing though it's setup in the next month(s).
    Their support guys have been very helpful so far.

    Basic strategy is to install one antenna on the self leveling radar mount up on the Mizzen mast about 20' above water, and feed a three way splitter at base of mast.

    There's take offs for HDTV broadcast, Cellular and Wifi signals, a Ubiquity Bullet M2 amp feeding a 12V "wifi router" (pdq branded) and a cell booster that has both patch and 15 cm wand antennas.

    Hope is that by locating the "inside" antenna's within a few feet of mizzen mast, and the "Outside" antenna 20 feet up, above a ground plane about the size of the Radome, the signals will not feed back, and that we will have good coverage over vessel.

    The Network will be ethernet/wifi to the PDQ router which should bridge between Wifi and it's 4 LAN ports (laptop & Ipads on wifi, 4G radar, H-5000, Zeus2 MFD's on cat 5) and then the WAN port will hook to the Bullet for off boat communications. We may have slave hub(s) down stream for ease of connection as the Mizzen base in down under the cockpit sole.

    Right now I'm sourcing some 75 Ohm patch cables and F fittings from local Fry's to avoid using 20' supplied cables to go between adjacent modules.

    Lioness's masts should be pulled this week and the installation should be ready to test in about a month.
    will post results and lessons learned.

  • Sheldon, I'm not sure that any of the marine Ethernet systems can be simply plugged into a boat LAN without potential problems. Navico may be a current exception but I think it takes a particular router setup. See the "GoFree Advanced Setup" download here:

  • Ben,

    That may be the case. If so, then I just swap out the router for the free WiFI-1 that B&G is offering with the Zeus MFD.

    My local level 3 B&G dealer is starting to show his teeth, whether its a smile, a grimace or both is not yet clear. ;-) Then again I did bring plots of the layout at scale of 1 um = 1 in due to a dayjob CAD system. Your name was mentioned at 0730 in regards to the Navico MARPA etc. Small interconnected worlds etc.


  • Navico Ethernet products are very well behaved when placed in a 'standard' Ethernet network. They ask for an IPv4 address via DHCP, and advertise GoFree capabilities such as remote display, remote access to NMEA0183 and N2K (via JSON) data over Bonjour.

  • Kees, thanks for the info: for a 40' boat, we seem to have an rather full ethernet. Good to know that the Navico stuff is tractable. I am hoping that they will support iRegatta via Wifi in they put the NMEA 0183/2000 out.

    4G Radar
    H5000 (troubleshooting & tuning)
    Laptop (troubleshooting & tuning)
    Wifi (PDQ w/ 4 ports) w/ WAN off boat via Ubiquity Bullet
    "Wifi-1 (goFree)"
    8 Port Hub

    Future Nodes:
    IP cameras

    A question: if I am not in range of WAN via the Ubiquity Bullet, is it feasible to have the "goFree WiFi-1" defaulted to connect to my celluar personal hotspot, and use as a redundant WAN connection if hotspot is turned on? That would have the PDQ wifi router supporting all LAN traffic.



  • GoFree amongst others also generates NMEA0183 datagrams for you over TCP.

    You don't need the WiFi-1 -- if your PDQ provides a local WiFi network you can use that to access GoFree remote desktop and GoFree NMEA0183 data. All you need to do is put the Navico devices on the same wired network as the rest of your network.

    GoFree has only one technical advantage -- it can be controlled from the MFD. Otherwise it's just a simple WiFi access point/client with 2 yellow Navico ethernet ports. Brilliant stuff for small simple Ethernet boats.

  • I plan to install the PDQ 4 port under the starboard cockpit at base of Mizzen to host the Ubiquity, radar and eventually IP camera up the Mizzen. It's antenna should cover the boat adequately, and there would be a run to the electronics bay 8 port hub.

    I was going to install the GoFree Wifi-1 on the inside of the port cabin/cockpit bulkhead alongside the MFD, and run a single trunk over to my electronics bay 8 port hub, daisy chained through the MFD.

    As you note I won't "Need" it for onboard wifi, but I am thinking of a redundant connection through Cell hotspot if we have cell coverage and not WAN wifi.


  • I had the B&G and Simrad stuff connected to my local Ethernet network just as others have indicated. Works great to do updates and such, as well as using as a TCP port source for things like iNavX and other apps.

  • Vyacht router is a one man company. I bought his product and can only confirm that they have a non existing support. Never answers emails. There is no other way to contact this "company"

  • Hi all
    I am about to purchase a Vyacht wifi router with the nmea 2000 capability.
    my setup is the folowing: one B&g triton nmea 2000 network with: simrad gps and heading sensor,3 triton displays an mhu and speed depth plug. we also have a computer running expedition wich is not liked to the network for the moment.

    i would like to know the following:

    -Can I use the ethernet output of the vyacht router to send data to expedition? ( I think it is possible)

    - Can i use this same ethernet cable to send expedition data on the nmea 2000 network ( data like disance to waypoint, waypoint possition, bearing to waypoint, ex...)

    - Is it then possible to use expedition as an prosessor and send the corrected twd to the network?

    - is it also possible to send waypoint data true the nmea 2000 network via the inavx aplication knowing that there is no chart plotter in the network.( this is not clear to me from the web site )

    I thank you in advance for your resonce.
    Kind regards from Belgium

  • Expedition questions are probably better asked on the forum. has a link. You can connect via wifi to an H5000, not sure how to connect to your nmea2000 unless your router encapsulates it and sends over Ethernet.