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Sheldon Haynie

Platforms vs charts

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Trying to pick the minimum number of different chart vendors/types to work cross platform. USA West coast sailboat.

MFD = Zeus2 by B&G with N2K Instruments & Radar connected
=> Default for cruising and navigation
=> radar overlay on chart
=> sonar/video side by side with chart/radar displays
=> exchange waypoints/routes
=> network connected via wifi
=> MicroSD slots for charts
=> log depth/lat/lon/time/term to social maps for improved bathymetry

PC=(win10 on bootcamp) Expedition by Expedition Marine
=> select racing courses from pre-defined list of marks
=> optimize polars & sail testing
=> weather/current routing for courses
=> USB connected Storage
=> downloaded charts & GRIBs

IPAD =GoFree apps
=> Control of pilot
=> display of MFD screen

IPAD: ???
=> Offline cruise planning

CMAP, INsight, and Navionics seem to be available on all, suggestions for best choices on each?

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  • I don't think Expedition supports Navionics or Insight.

    My preference is to have different chart vendors, so that I don't get to see the same image on purpose. This allows you to profit from whoever has the best detail and most recent updates for a particular region. Sometimes CMap will be best, sometimes Navionics, etc.

    I like iSailor on iOS as the supplier (Transas) also supplies ECDIS charts to commercial shipping. Free updates every 3 months. Very nice charts. AIS and instruments via WiFi.

    Navionics Freshest Data has the highest update cycle (every day, in theory), but you have to update the card via a laptop/PC.

  • Kees, thanks for response.

    Perhaps my question refines to: Which C-Map for Expd: Max vs 4D, and using the Navionics on IOS for armchair cruise planning, will the Insight cartography be good enough on the MFD?

    I have the RNC's from NOAA on InavX and Expd as a contrast.

    regards, Sheldon

  • Sorry, can't help you with that -- I haven't used CMap 4D nor Insight.