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Nick Hayes

Looking for some radar advice

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I have a 26ft Chapparal Sunesta boat that we are taking to Maine this summer for a couple of weeks of exploring the coast from Thomaston to Bar Harbor and back. Having spent a good amount time in Maine I know I would like to add a radar just in case. My built in GPS is a Garmin Echomap 70S.. It does not look like it supports adding a radar to it. So I was looking at the Furuno First watch and using my phone or iPad mini as the display.. this is all for "just in case" my normal cruising area is Lake Norman in NC so radar is not needed. Any suggestions besides the Furuno product? Ben is there anything new coming up before June??

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  • Nick, there's lots new coming, but to my knowledge nothing quite like the direct-to-iPad First Mate. I consider it an odd product but it does make sense for your use case. If you go for it, do consider the extra $100 cost of the Nobeltec TimeZero app with First Mate support, which will give you chart overlay:

    On the other hand, a good chart plotter like yours makes it a lot easier to pay attention when running in fog, especially if you have good routes programmed. Are you using Garmin HomePort or BlueChart Mobile to easily make routes for your 70S?

  • Thanks Ben.. Yes I have Blue Chart on my iPad.. just laid out one of the routes last night.. Assuming good weather we will probably just dawdle around and see the sights.. Route is basically Thomaston to Gay Island..we have property there.. then to Rockland and Camden.. then Southwest Harbor and finally Bar Harbor.. staying a day or two in each place and making our way back after hitting Bar Harbor..

    I did not realize that someone had the ability to take the radar info and overlay on chart.. Thats awesome and yes I just downloaded the software.. I see the expense of buying charts for all these programs adds up.. Blue Chart to send to my built in GPS and Nobletec for integration with my radar.. I like the AIS item also.. not really needed.. but cool nonetheless... I'm going to try this all out this summer and will let you know how it goes.. I'm also going to educate my brother because he lives on a sailboat in Florida and in 3 years will retire and start sailing the caribbean..