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Furuno vs Garmin

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My search for the best way to upgrade electronics on my TomCat 24 for a cruise Down East has brought me to two finalists:

Furuno TZT9
MSRP US$3,695 Defender US$2,885

Garmin GPSMAP 7610
MSRP US$2,499 Toronto CD$2,630

They are the largest MFDs I have space for at the helm console. The plan is to pair the MFD with radar:

Furuno DRS4W
MSRP US$1,695 Defender US$1,325

Garmin GMR 18 xHD
MSRP US$1,599

Questions for you:

Any first-hand experience or knowledge with the above?

Is Furuno worth the premium price?

Is it advisable to shop at discounters like Defender?

Your input will be much appreciated.

--Georgs, TomCat 24 At Last!, Frenchman's Bay, Ontario


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