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Furuno vs Garmin

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My search for the best way to upgrade electronics on my TomCat 24 for a cruise Down East has brought me to two finalists:

Furuno TZT9
MSRP US$3,695 Defender US$2,885

Garmin GPSMAP 7610
MSRP US$2,499 Toronto CD$2,630

They are the largest MFDs I have space for at the helm on my small boat. The plan is to pair the MFD with radar:

Furuno DRS4W
MSRP US$1,695 Defender US$1,325

Garmin GMR 18 xHD
MSRP US$1,599

Questions for the Panbo Forum:

Anyone have first-hand experience with the above?

Is Furuno worth the premium price?

Is it advisable to shop at discounters like Defender?

Any input will be much appreciated.

Georgs, TomCat 24 At Last! Frenchman's Bay, Ontario

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