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Sheldon Haynie

Bathymetry Data ==> tidal current?

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I'm thinking about choices of Chart software, and several of them have crowd sourcing to update bottom contours with user collected data. I hope to purchase a license, update my charts, and have access to the bottom and shore profile data to use for predicting tidal currents in narrow estuary for purposes of making better sailing decisions while racing.
The Tidal prediction code would probably be SELFE from Oregon, or SUNTANS from Stanford, and would be run to produce a GRIB set that was driven by tidal range for day boundary conditions (Nice to have a large server farm at day job)

Anyone out there taken a look inside the Chart data, or will I find it encrypted and opaque?


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  • From Insight Tech Support: the data will be available in XML spreadsheet format.

    Looks like thats a good starting point, to downsample and get to a Delaunay mesh for simulation.