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Simrad or furuno or?

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We are just re doing all electronics on a 40 ft west coast boat. Till now we have used computer based nobletec both bridge and main station . It seems everyone now is moving to plotter based networking systems like Simrad or furuno both being a substantial investment. Most retailers have very little to displays do most salesman we talk to aren't boaters. We are looking for input from boaters who have put these systems together recently with pc radars Marpa/arpa sounders ais video etc and what advice they would give and what kind off $$$ they ran into.

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  • Mike, I suspect that the new Nobeltec TimeZero with Furuno PC radar is quite good, and it seems fairly priced:

  • Beware of the Furuno World Wide Warranty!!!!
    Any unit purchased in the US must be returned to the US at your expense for any warranty coverage. We have a full Furuno system (which works well) but the heading sensor failed while sailing to Cape Town and we had to hand steer the last 36 hours in quite large seas. Although there is a local dealer in Cape Town with units in stock, they told me I must (at my own expense) send it to the unit to the US for evaluation and servicing.
    Most certainly NOT a world wide warranty. How they can encourage those of us who sail outside the US to use their equipment.
    Very unsatisfactory.

  • My question is similar to Mike. We have Nobeltec TimeZero Trident that will interface with our Furuno radar and Furuno TZ9 backup. The question is how well will a Simrad AP70 auto pilot function with this set up? Would prefer not to use the Furuno pilot if I can avoid it.