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Sheldon Haynie

Lioness N2K (and more)

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Here's first draft of a layout for the N2K builder for updates to Lioness.

She's a Bermuda 40 Yawl, with legacy B&G sensors. In discussion with Eric Steinberg of Farralon US, we are planning to remove everything except the Masthead wind sensor and replace with current model H5000 "Hercules" kit for club racing, incidental shorthanded daysailing and coastal cruising.

There's a 2002 Vintage Interphase "PCView" transducer mounted just before the keel that gives forward looking and +/- 45 degree side to side scan sonar. Plan is to display that on the Zeus2 Video on cockpit bulkhead as needed when gunkholing and use a Raymarine CAM100 mizzen mounted below the Radome/Hailer for forward looking Daylight/IR Night vision. Eric's advice was to use the Maretron SSC300 in place of the R42N.

Furuno Navtex has been in the box for 10 yrs waiting for install, plan to connect it to the NMEA 0183 feed from H5000, and provide a WiFI-1 bridge for slaving Ipads to Zeus2 displays, as well as browser access. The Actisense EMU and tank levels are future project.

Any thoughts on better topologies/materials/units are welcome.

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  • Hi Sheldon,

    According to Maretron, it's best practice is use multiports teed off the backbone. The idea is to reduce the number of tees in the backbone so that it maintains good impedence. You'll see what I'm talking about illustrated here:

    I also see lots of field installed connectors on your diagram. They're great if you can't fish a connector where you want, but I'd avoid them when possible because they're a bit of a pain to wire and can fail more easily than prebuilts.

    Finally, I hope you realize that the IR capabilities of the CAM100 will image your bow at best, not beyond. It's a great daytime camera (and short range IR) but it is not a thermal cam.

  • Ben,

    thanks for the comment. I can use "Mini" backbone with Micro drop Tee's if I go that way, and that would probably be more robust still. I plan to actually use fewer field connectors, had not yet threaded a dummy line, to find the lengths I will need, to get around the curves and angles.

    I know that the CAM100 (or Navico SM1157-095) is not "thermal" and as regards "IR" its not of much use beyond seeing the dock as I come in, as Mizzen is about 30' aft of bow. Looking more as a high POV for seeking buoys/marks in daylight over waves. What I "want" and what I can "afford" are somewhat different.